Torrential rains on Monday (July 12) brought flooding on roads in both Epsom and Sutton.

The Met Office issued a Yellow weather warning for southern England on Saturday as thunderstorms brought heavy rains across the region.

Low lying roads in both Epsom and Sutton were flooded in places as south west London and Surrey witnessed deluges of summer rainfall on Monday.

In Sutton, a downpour partially flooded The Warren road with several cars seen partially underwater. 

"It was torrential, the heavens just opened," Josephine Carter told the Sutton Guardian.

"I got back home and I couldn't get into my house because my doorway was flooded - I had flip flops on!" She added.

Meanwhile in Epsom, police were forced to close Longmead Road after heavy rainfall saw the road flooded to a dangerous in one section.

"There is currently a road closure on Longmead Road in Epsom. Please avoid Longmead Road due to flooding," Epsom and Ewell police tweeted on Monday afternoon.

As the Earth heats up amid the climate crisis, more widespread flooding and heavier rainfall in parts of the world including the UK is expected.

According to the Met Office, the UK’s climate is already becoming wetter:

"For example, the highest rainfall totals over a five day period are 4 per cent higher during the most recent decade (2008-2017) compared to 1961-1990.

"Furthermore, the amount of rain from extremely wet days has increased by 17 per cent when comparing the same time periods," a spokesperson for the authority said previously.