A MOTHER has spoken out on her heartbreak after learning her family will be forced to leave their home following the death of her father.

John Pincho, of Welbeck Road, sadly died in December 2019 after suddenly losing his battle to cancer.

His daughter Ceri Pincho, 31, has lived in the Carshalton home since 2013 and currently shares the property with her younger sister and her two children.

Since her father’s death, Ceri says she has been fighting to keep the family home, which is under housing association Sutton Housing Partnership.

She says she has been threatened with eviction despite a number of attempts to take over the tenancy before her father’s death.

Speaking to Your Local Guardian, Ceri said: “My father passed away to an aggressive cancer and originally the house was going to go to me. 

"On June 19, 2020, I received the written decision that the succession of tenancy was declined, on the basis that I wasn't a partner therefore I couldn't take over the tenancy.

"Before my dad passed, we tried doing an assignment which was agreed it could be done, but as my dad took a turn for the worse and wasn't able to come into the office, they wouldn't do it unless we came to them - and then he passed so they said they won't do it."

She added: "Currently, we stand to be made homeless. I am waiting for an eviction notice after Covid.

Your Local Guardian: Ceri Ceri

"I have kept up to date with the financial side of the house, the council refused to help me with any finances, so I've had to pay full rent/council tax with my maternity money and help from my sister.

"They don't listen to me as an individual, it takes months sometimes to reply."

Ceri went onto say that when she does contact her housing association, she faces the agonising question of whether they can speak to her father.

"I just have no idea what's happening and neither does anyone from Sutton Housing Partnership," said Ceri.

"If they call me or I call them they still ask for John Pincho despite fully knowing he has passed away, but they do this to me each time!

"I will need a secure house for my son for secondary school Carshalton Boys in September which is walking distance from his home.

"I would just be willing to fight for this home with my kids till the end."

The mother-of-two says Sutton Council and SHP have shown "no empathy or support" despite her circumstances.

Your Local Guardian contacted Sutton Housing Partnership for comment, in response a spokesperson said: “We are really sorry that we can't offer the property to Ms Pincho and her family, but the law is clear that from April 2012 - we're only able to allow a succession to the partner of a deceased tenant.

"But we promise to work with Ms Pincho as a matter of urgency to help her with her housing.”