A woman from Crystal Palace was alarmed after her daughter found a slug on a batch of strawberries bought for the family over the weekend (July 3-4).

Janet, 26, who lives in Crystal Palace, was about to tuck into them with her daughter over the weekend when four-year-old exclaimed that she'd found something on one of them.

"We washed them twice including with some bicarbonate of soda, and then we left to dry out. Then my daughter picked out one she wanted and said: 'Mum there's a bug on it, there's a bug on it!'

"I thought it was one of the leaves that come with the strawberries. When she brought it over to me the slug was just stuck there, dead," Janet said.

Your Local Guardian: "The slug was just stuck there, dead." "The slug was just stuck there, dead."

"I just took a picture of it to warn them because another family member had bought some strawberries from the same place that day.

"It's lucky she looked at them because she could have been eating a slug," she added.

Janet called the company's customer service and was offered a five pound gift card in response, something she didn't consider wholly adequate.

The Croydon Guardian contacted Sainsbury's for comment in response to the incident.

A spokesperson for the supermarket chain apologised and described what happened as "rare".

"We have processes in place to prevent unpleasant finds in our fresh fruit and we would like to apologise to Janet for their rare experience."