Hayfever sufferers are set to be hit by a pollen bomb in London, new data reveals.

Data from the Kleenex Pollen Forecast shows that for the first time this season, grass and weed pollen are forecasted for a high alert at the same time in the region.

The severity of pollen levels is measured by Pollen Grains Per Cubic Metre (PPM). A reading of 61-341 for grass pollen is considered high and a reading of 78-266 for weed pollen.

As of today (June 25), the grass pollen forecast for London is 257 PPM (with a reading of 61-341 considered high) and the weed pollen forecast is 135 PPM (with anything from 78-266 considered high).

Data shows that the Wimbledon postcode is slightly higher, with grass pollen at 264 PPM and weed at 135 PPM.

In line with the Wimbledon Championships, Kleenex says spectators can expect hay fever to strike with runny noses, sneezing fits and tickly throats.

For those fans heading outside to watch the action, Amena Warner, Head of Clinical Services, Allergy UK, has shared some advice to minimise symptoms:

Consider your wardrobe choices

- Accessories like hats and wraparound sunglasses can stop pollen from reaching the face, hair and importantly, eyes.

Try using an allergen barrier balm

-Some allergy sufferers find that applying an allergen barrier balm around the base of the nostrils and around sunglasses creates a barrier to airborne allergens.

Schedule your daily outings carefully

-Monitoring pollen levels daily can help you plan ahead to manage your symptoms.

Shower when you return home

-Pollen can stay on your skin and hair after you’ve been outside, so take a shower as soon as possible when you return home

Always carry a pack of tissues with you

Readings are correct as of 25th June.

Visit the Kleenex Pollen Forecast to check out your postcode’s pollen count here.