Surrey has been named as the 'poshest' home county in England in a new survey.

Luxury gazebo and garden specialists Crown Pavilions, who ought to know a thing or two about what it takes to make a place posh, put together the Top 10 list.

The survey did not take into account regional or even local wealth disparities, but instead looked at a number of elite criteria that are typically the preserve of England's wealthy, property-owning bourgeoisie.

Included in the calculations were the number of Michelin guide restaurants, riding schools, golf clubs, homes with garden rooms, and independent schools in any particular county.

Of all the 'home counties' that surround London, Surrey came out on top, with a total 'posh' score of 10/10, far higher than Oxfordshire in second place, which scored 8.2.

"Crowned as the 'poshest' home county, Surrey topped our leaderboard with a score of 10/10.

"With the average property costing over £600,000, it's no surprise this county is home to over 128 golf clubs and 120 Independent schools," lines from the survey regarding Surrey's ranking as the number one poshest home county read.

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Indeed, according to Office of National Statistics (ONS) data on Gross Domestic Household Income (in 2017), West and East Surrey were the only two sub-regional local authorities in the top 10 from outside of London.

Households in West Surrey averaged a gross domestic income of £28,773 per head, the seventh highest in the UK and highest of any location outside of London.

East Surrey was only marginally lower, in 10th place with £27,717 per head.

For comparison, in one of the lowest ranked areas on the list - Nottingham - the figure was £12,445.

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Crown Pavilion's Top 10 Poshest Home Counties in full:

  1. Surrey
  2. Oxfordshire
  3. Hertfordshire
  4. Buckinghamshire
  5. Kent
  6. Hampshire
  7. Berkshire
  8. Essex
  9. Bedfordshire
  10. Cambridgeshire