A father from Sutton has less than 40-days left of his 500-day run for Rett Syndrome.

Vincent Johnsson, whose daughter Hannah suffers from the rare neurological syndrome, has been running at least 5km a day to raise money for Reverse Rett.

Just before his daughter's third birthday, in February 2010, Hannah was diagnosed with postnatal neurological disorder Rett Syndrome.

"Ten years later, she has lost almost all her mobility, all her speech, most of her hand function and all her independent skills," said Vincent.

"She has developed seizures, scoliosis, a heart condition and extreme breathing irregularities."

The father of four hopes to raise thousands for Reverse Rett - which he says will help contribute to a possible cure for the condition.

Your Local Guardian: Vincent pictured with his daughter HannahVincent pictured with his daughter Hannah

Speaking to Sutton Guardian about how he has found the fundraiser so far, he said: "Challenging! I have tried not to think too much about the challenge overall, but to take one day at a time.

"That has helped. Trying to fit 5k into every single day, no rest, day off, ensuring it is part of each day’s routine, has been incredibly heavy on my mind and stressful.

"Finding the time has often been harder than the challenge itself, especially in lockdown with four children at home and both my wife and I working full-time.

"Because we were shielding our daughter, there were a few months when we really couldn’t go out at all so I had to get the 5k done by just running around and around the garden (which is not that big) every day. That was definitely tough!

"Weirdly enough, when I started off with the challenge my hope was that I would come to love running.

"To be honest, I still don’t. I find the moments after the run are great, but I’d still rather sit in the garden with a coffee than run through the streets of Sutton!"

Vincent has raised just under £8000 so far.

"I feel so incredibly humbled and grateful to so many people, friends, family, strangers, neighbours, colleagues, and so many more for the incredible kindness to support me in so many ways with my challenge, from words of support and encouragement, to multiple donations, spreading the word and sponsorship beyond my personal reach," said Vincent.

"With 40 days left from the total of 500, I have received a humbling £18,40 per day (incl. Gift Aid), which is absolutely incredible.

"I know that a lot of this is down to how much people care about my daughter and how she inspires and captivates everyone who meets her, which makes me so proud.

"Her daily challenges are far, far greater than my 5ks, and there is no end date in sight for her yet. This is why we do what we do."

The fundraiser reached £7,920 at the time of publishing. To donate visit here.