A NEW gym has opened in the heart of Morden - following 12 months after it was originally planned to launch.

On1Fitness, located in the former Hamseys building, recently opened its doors following months of delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Owner Kevin Burrows, 37, says the premier gym has seen new members visit every day. 

It offers everything from body building classes to Pilates and live DJ nights - and has a number of classes to join including Zumba, box fitness, cardio circuits and more. 


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Speaking to Wimbledon Times, Kevin Burrows said:  "It has been very exciting as the club at Morden is essentially brand new… it’s just that we’ve opened 12 months or so later than originally planned.

"The excitement of launching a new business is fantastic- a real surge of adrenalin and pride, not to mention a huge amount of hard work, you certainly know your alive." 

He added: "At the same time, it’s truly nerve-racking. Have I made the right decisions? Will people appreciate the club, the kit, the layout, the classes? And can we make ourselves the go to gym in Morden?

"All of this is amplified because of the uncertainties of covid. We genuinely didn’t know if people would want to come back to the gym."

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Speaking about his business journey, Kevin said: "For me, the opening of my second gym  is the culmination of an ambition that started when I was myself a fitness fanatic and personal trainer."

The gym owner purchased a pre-existing club in Worthing in 2018. 

"But this site in Morden – just around the corner from my home, and my first new club, it feels like things have come together," he said.

Speaking about his move from furlough to live classes, Kevin said that the opening was "full-on".

"All of a sudden we went from furlough, doors closed and little to do, to marketing at 100%, polishing up on our systems and processes, and, most importantly, getting our new members inducted and regularly using the gym and enjoying it," he said.

"At the moment it feels like 100 miles an hour and I think it's going to be the same for the next three to four months until the business can really get to its young feet."

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Speaking about how the business has been since it opened on April 12, he said: "Business has been steady. We’re getting a trickle of trials and new members through each day.

"Because we’re a new site, the big task for us is making the local community aware that we are here at the junction of Morden Hall Road and London Road, just five mins from the tube station."

He added: "Those who have joined love it. The classes are getting busier and our DJ nights once a month seem to be a hit!

"We are a local, family business who genuinely care about helping our members [ get ] fit and healthy." 

On1Fitness also offers free home workout guides for those who are unable to reach the gym.

To find out more information on a free trial visit here