Hundreds of people queued for "miles" outside the New Horizon Centre after it was announced that the coronavirus vaccine rollout has been extended to over 25s.

The pop-up centre, located in Pollards Hill, saw young people travel "far and wide" to get their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine on June 7.

We decided to visit the walk in centre to listen to young people's views on why it was important for them to get the vaccine.

On Monday evening, reporter Monica Charsley spoke to parents, residents and people who had travelled to the area to ask them about their decision.

Your Local Guardian: The queue tailed back past Pollards Hill Park The queue tailed back past Pollards Hill Park

Anni, 27, and Brodie, 26, said they waited "a few hours" for a chance to get the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Anni said she was excited when she found out about the pop up and felt "relieved" after she was given the vaccine.

A 25-year-old from Tooting told us that he travelled to get the vaccine so he could "get back to normal life".

He said: "I'm getting the vaccine because it seems like the best way to get out of this whole situation.

Your Local Guardian: Tooting residentTooting resident

"The vaccine seems to still work against the variants, so it seems like the best way to get out of lockdown finally."

A father spoke to us while he was waiting for his 26-year-old son to get the injection. They travelled in from Morden.

"The queue is going back miles it’s unbelievable," the father said.

"I'm here waiting for my son - how can you not take the vaccine at this point?"

The vaccine clinic, which was originally set for 6-8 pm, was extended to later into the night with over 18s offered spares.

We spoke to a teenager from Portugal who translated for her 19-year-old friend who queued for the vaccine.

Your Local Guardian:

She said that he wanted to get the jab so it would be "easier" to travel back to his homeland to visit his family.

Two friends, both aged 24, said they wanted "life to get back to normal as soon as possible".

They said: "We have been here for about half an hour.

"We thought we would come down and get it as we are going on holiday next week."

Pollards Hill Councillor Martin Whelton said it was "great to see a queue of a few hundred metres" for the vaccine.

Your Local Guardian: New Horizon Centre New Horizon Centre

He told Wimbledon Times: "Pollards Hill has a young population, but we understand that people came from far and wide.

"I think it is really great that so many people want to get vaccinated in the local area, it shows that the young want to live their lives normally again.

"It is important for people to get vaccinated as we want our community to come together."

GP Dr Mohan Sekeram, the lead GP at the clinic, said: “We are delighted at the success of our walk in clinic at the New Horizon Centre vaccinating over 500 people in just a few hours. 

"It was encouraging to see so many younger people wanting to get vaccinated. Many are saying they want an end to this pandemic.

“Thanks to everyone who came forward to play their part in protecting themselves, their family, friends and our whole local community.

"Our amazing volunteers also supported us and we are grateful for their help ensuring everything ran smoothly.”

To see more from NHS Merton, visit their Twitter page @nhsmerton_ for more information.

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