Fine and dry conditions were expected to continue for the rest of the Bank Holiday Weekend as Londoners make the most of their newly restored freedoms following the lifting of many lockdown restrictions.

The weekend started well as London and the South East recorded highs of 21C on Saturday, sending people flocking to beaches and parks.

Whilst the forecast remains overcast this morning, the rest of Sunday will see the sun grow stronger and stronger, with the mercury rising from 13° to 20° by 4pm.

People enjoying the sunshine in a London park

People enjoying the sunshine in a London park

Following a wet few weeks, less than 5% chance of rain will be welcome news to Londoners, and temperatures will continue rising during the week.

And Bank Holiday Monday is set to deliver, with full-blown sunshine expected throughout the day, and temperatures peaking at 23° (1pm to 5pm).

Tuesday will see more of the same - Temperatures will reach 23° and sunshine will dominate.

London enjoys the bank holiday sunshine - PA

London enjoys the bank holiday sunshine - PA

And Wednesday will see the capital blessed with even more sunshine, with a week-high of 25°.

This could surpass the hottest day of the year so far. The current high for 2021 was 24.5C (76.1F) recorded on 31 March in Kew Gardens.

London enjoys the bank holiday sunshine - PA

London enjoys the bank holiday sunshine - PA

It marks an end to weeks of disappointing weather which had marred the reopening of pubs and restaurants, which until 17 May had only been allowed to offer outdoor dining.

Thursday will likely see clouds return, but temperatures will still reach 21° for the rest of the week.

The Met Office said eastern parts of England and Scotland would be overcast early before the cloud retreats back to North Sea coastal areas where it may linger in places.

Evening cloud was forecast to spread from these coastal areas to eastern counties and parts of the Midlands in the evening, but a dry night with clear periods was predicted elsewhere throughout the UK.

A dry Monday with warm sunshine was predicted for most areas, with early cloud over sections of England and Scotland again forecast to shift back to North Sea coastal regions as the day progresses.

In Cambridge, a floating bar did a roaring trade with the punters out on the River Cam and all those lining the banks.

The fine weather stretched the length of the country, with the mercury creeping over 20C in most areas.

Sunday across the north of England and the Midlands is expected to bring a few clouds but also expected highs of 22C.

But before catching some rays, the Met Office has warned the public to make sure they don plenty of sun cream as UV levels will be high or very high

The Met Office said: "Keep covered and wear a hat and sunglasses, spend time in the shade and use a high factor sun cream with good UVA protection to protect yourself."