With the Bank Holiday coming to and end attention no turns to June 21 when lockdown restrictions a set to be lifted across England.

Back in February, Boris Johnson announced a four-stage plan to end lockdown restrictions in England with the final stage just three weeks away.

Boris Johnson said the road map will “guide us cautiously but irreversibly towards reclaiming our freedoms”.

So far, all stages have gone ahead on schedule and despite concerns about the Indian variant of Covid-19, stage four looks set to carry on this trend.

Although it has not yet been confirmed by the government, from June 21 at the earliest, nightclubs are due to reopen and restrictions on large events such as festivals are to be lifted, as are restrictions on the number of people at weddings.

Later this month, the government hopes to be in a position to remove all legal limits on social contact.

The work from home message is also expected to be lifted in an effort to bring commuter trade back to city centres.

The government website explains: "As the country moves through each of these phases in the roadmap, we must all remember that Covid-19 remains a part of our lives.

"We public are going to have to keep living our lives differently to keep ourselves and others safe. We must carry on with ‘hands, face, space’. Comply with the Coid-Secure measures that remain in place.

“Meet outdoors when we can and keep letting fresh air in. Get tested when needed. Get vaccinated when offered. If we all continue to play our part, we will be that bit closer to a future that is more familiar."

A government source told The Telegraph that "if things do continue to go well and we don't see a huge change in the data, and the latest data we are presented with is still positive, things are looking on track".

The Prime Minister will not confirm whether stage four will go ahead as planned until a week before (June 14).