Sutton's Meals on Wheels service has delivered more than 70,000 meals since the first UK lockdown.

Staff and volunteers have been busy delivering food throughout the pandemic, and checking that clients are safe and well during the process.

The service is one of only three in-house Meals on Wheels services in London, operating seven days a week, to support residents during the pandemic.

It is traditionally provided through a mix of council staff, working in the administration and kitchen functions and volunteers, provided by Sutton Older People’s Welfare Committee, undertaking the delivery roles.

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Since the pandemic began, more than 3,000 people registered to volunteer in Sutton, including Annette Tallon.

“When lockdown happened, I felt the time was right to help and give something back to the community,” she said.

"If I can make them smile or laugh, it will make a difference to their day and I’ve done a good job.”

Volunteer Kevin Sullivan said: “I was driving a minibus for disabled people and had to stop work due to Covid.

“I’d seen the Meals on Wheels vans out and about where I live and gave them a call.

"I live in Sutton and like to support the community.”

Becci Gill also started volunteering when she was furloughed.

“I previously had cancer and needed people to look after me at that time," said Becci.

“I took the opportunity to do the same for other vulnerable people that need care."

If you would like to volunteer, please contact the Sutton Old People’s Welfare Committee on 020 8642 5496 or by email at