This six-year-old girl has chopped off her beautiful locks in a bid to support three different causes...

Seren Bevan-Simpson, of Cheam, set herself the triple task of donating her hair to create a princess wig, fundraising for her school and for children with a progressive condition called GM1- which destroys nerve cells. 

Kind-hearted Seren said she wanted to fundraise for CURE GM1 after discovering that her school friend was diagnosed with the rare condition.

The six-year-old recently had 12 inches from the side of her hair and 15 inches from the back, cut off and donated to Princess Trust.

Your Local Guardian:

She has raised over £2000 which will be split between her school and the charity. 

"I'm so happy that lots of family and friends supported," said Seren.

"I can’t believe people that don’t even know me have all contributed too, they are all so kind."

Speaking on her daughter’s fundraising mission, Seren’s mother Rachel Bevan said: "The initial idea came from just before the first lockdown listening to Heart on the way to school in the morning and this little girl was on the radio having her hair cut for The Princess Trust. 

Your Local Guardian:

"Unfortunately, last year the PTFA were unable to run a number of their usual events such as their summer and Christmas fayres, which impacted on their ability to fundraise as much as they would have liked.

"Seren also wanted to do this on behalf of a six-year-old girl that she is friends with who has been diagnosed with a life shortening condition that progressively destroys nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord."

She added: "Seren absolutely loves it and said that it feels light and bouncy and so happy that she could help make someone else smile. 

"The whole community, Cheam life, family and friends has all supported my sweet, kind daughter. 

"We are so proud of our baby, she is so selfless always thinking of others and always wanting to help, Seren has a very empathetic nature, and this was no surprise to me that she really wanted to do this! She is our shining star." 

Donations reached £2,365 at the time of publishing. To donate visit here