Sutton United will start ripping up their all-weather 3G pitch following their promotion to the Football League after claiming the National League title on Sunday ( May 23).

Sutton secured the title after a 3-0 home win against Hartlepool which led to the promotion for the first time in 123 years.

Rob Milsom, Louis John and Isaac Olaofe sent Sutton into League Two with a commanding victory over their promotion rivals.

Following their triumph, the team will now have to replace their artificial pitch with a grass version to satisfy league rules.

Reported by The Sun, Chairman Bruce Elliott said: "It was made clear to us by the EFL that they would only allow us to have a temporary ground-share if we went up via the playoffs.

"So the fact we have won it and gone up as the champions means we have to have a pitch ready for the new season in August.

"That's the rules. We were firmly told that was the situation. We have a contractor who assures us that will be the case, but ideally the first game of the season will be away to buy us a little more time.

"We don't know what the weather will be like over the summer and we don't know what condition the new grass will be in, but if it satisfies the rules then that will be OK."

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According to The Sun, the team were hoping that the £500,000 pitch could be relayed locally to form a new training ground for their other teams.

"The pitch has to be dug up and maybe we could sell patches to some supporters for their gardens," said Elliot.

"Unfortunately, it does not look like it will be possible to take it up carefully, roll it up and put it somewhere else, as we had hoped."