A driver who glassed a man with a broken beer bottle, causing severe lacerations to his face after a minor traffic dispute has been jailed for more than 13 years.

Stefan Setepenre Dennis, 46, of Crunden Road, South Croydon, attacked the victim after he bumped into the back of his car in Vauxhall.

He was found guilty of wounding with intent, and pleaded guilty to take a vehicle without consent and criminal damage in March and sentenced to 13 years and 6 months' imprisonment at Inner London Crown Court on Tuesday, 19 May.

Your Local Guardian:

The court heard that Setepenre was driving in the Vauxhall area on June 13 2020 when he abruptly changed lane, causing the car behind to make contact.

Both drivers got out of their cars and became involved in an argument.

Setepenre then entered the victim's car, driving it onto the pavement.

He then approached the victim, who was filming the incident, snatching the phone from their hand and throwing it on the ground before driving away.

Setepenre returned a few minutes later on foot, picking up a glass beer bottle and breaking it.

He struck the victim, who was still waiting at the scene, in the face and hand several times with the broken bottle, causing severe lacerations.

Setepenre fled the scene after being challenged by two off-duty officers who were walking past.

He was arrested on June 15 after being identified by the registration marker on the car, hired in his name a few days earlier.

Setepenre was charged on 16 June 2020 with Section 18 Grievous Bodily Harm With Intent, Criminal Damage and Taking A Vehicle Without Consent.

Detective Constable Sam Jones, from the local policing team in central south London, said: "This was a senseless and horrific attack.

"It followed a minor road traffic accident that could have happened to anyone.

"Setepnre’s actions were interrupted by two off-duty police officers, which led him to run from the scene. Were it not for their intervention, even greater harm could well have been caused.

"The victim will now have to live with the consequences of Setepenre’s brutally violent and disproportionate response for their rest of their life. I hope that this sentence beings to bring them some closure."