A new short film shot at Selhurst Railway Club and featuring a desperate escape attempt from a toilet stall is crowdfunding its release.

'Stalled' stars Ken Christiansen of Channel 4 drama 'It's a Sin', and is produced by Croydon resident Daniel Taylor.

The tagline for the film is "He only came in for a pint", and it's billed as a "kinetic and atmospheric short thriller" in which Christiansen faces a life and death situation after getting trapped in the gents.

A synopsis seen by the Croydon Guardian reads: "Paul Strachan only came for a pint. Stuck in the toilet stall with a dead gangster next door, two urgent knocks on the only door in or out, prompt a desperate dash to escape".

Your Local Guardian: Film poster for 'Stalled' Film poster for 'Stalled'

"Filming so locally to where I am from meant the world. I saw it as an opportunity to try and inspire others in the community to try and get in to film," Producer Taylor said.

"It was hard work but filmmaking is a learning experience. Being close to home was an advantage.

"Croydon has become a hub for the creative arts in recent years with street art, drama and music and to be able to contribute through film was very exciting," he added.

Your Local Guardian: Behind the scenes photo from filming of 'Stalled' Behind the scenes photo from filming of 'Stalled'

The film was shot at the Selhurst Railway Club over four days in 2019 and 2020 and also stars John Conway (The World's End), Olly Bassi and Matt Cheyne.

The creative team are now crowdfunding its release, and have so far generated some 21 per cent of their total.

The film's Director Max Aaron spoke of his own experiences of filming in Croydon.

"The Railway Club were so receptive to our project's needs, allowing us to film very tense action sequences and to purchase as many drinks for the cast as possible while they were in character!" He said.

Your Local Guardian: Behind the scenes on 'Stalled' at Selhurst Railway Club Behind the scenes on 'Stalled' at Selhurst Railway Club

"This went along way when getting the very best banter out of the actors as possible. The Railway Club really got behind the film and allowed us to shoot at their premises for free," he added, joining Taylor in thanking them for their support.

When asked if they would make another film in Croydon, Daniel and Max both agreed that they will be looking to film in the area again. "Yes, absolutely!" They said.

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