Croydon College is refusing to reveal whether a student caught trying to take a potentially lethal Taser gun into the building has been expelled.

Police arrested the 18-year-old in November after carrying out a surprise stop and search operation as part of the college's Safer College Week.

Although sources hinted it was likely he would be thrown out of the college, staff would not disclose what action was taken.

A spokesman said: "We unfortunately are not able to comment on the final outcome of this, as on any matter concerning individual students.

"The college continues to stress that it takes the safety and security of all students and staff very seriously."

Police installed the metal detectors at the college for one day on November 22 and scanned more than 1,000 students and staff entering the building.

They noticed the student began acting suspiciously after spotting the metal detectors placed at the college entrance and searched him.

They found the Taser - which can fire as many as 50,000 volts up to 15 feet - and arrested him.

However, he was given only a caution by the police because he had no previous record - a decision that sparked outrage among Croydon's residents, many of which registered their disgust on our website.

Councillor Tony Newman, the leader of the opposition at the town hall who called for tough action to be taken, described the decision to only give the student a caution as "a slap in the face for the college".

"It sends a completely inappropriate message," Coun Newman said.