Elmbridge and Epsom and Ewell have both been named in the top five of comprehensive list charting the most and least 'prosperous' boroughs to live in across the entire UK.

Both Surrey boroughs, which ranked third and fourth respectively, were singled out in a new study titled the 'UK Prosperity Index' published by the Legatum Institute yesterday (Thursday, May 13).

The Index ranks every locale in the UK (based on local authority boundaries) on a number of criteria such as Safety and Security, Health, Natural Environment, Living Conditions and so on.

The lower a location's scores are in each category, the higher (i.e. closer to '1') their overall ranking is.

Consequently Elmbridge was ranked as the third most prosperous local authority overall.

The impressive prosperity score was reflected in high rankings among its peers in Health (5th overall) and Economic Quality (6th overall).

Elmbridge also scored highly in the 'Investment Environment' category (21st) and in Governance (35th).

Epsom and Ewell meanwhile placed just one rung below Elmbridge, ranked as the UK's fourth most-prosperous local authority region.

The borough scored particularly well on Governance (2nd overall) and Living Conditions (3rd overall).

The Prosperity Index 2021 laid bare quite stark regional differences in the UK, with the overwhelming majority of the 'most prosperous' local authorities on the list located in the South East or London.

Similarly, Scotland and the North of England showed a disproportionate number of some of the lowest-ranked local authorities on the Prosperity Index, with Blackpool (379), Middlesbrough (378) and Glasgow City (377) the lowest-ranked locations.

One of the most affluent counties in the UK, boroughs in Surrey ranked particularly highly.

Of the top 10 most prosperous boroughs on the list, six were located in Surrey (Waverley 2nd, Elmbridge 3rd, Epsom and Ewell 4th, Woking 5th, Surrey Heath 9th, Guildford 10th).

Wokingham in Berkshire was ranked as the most prosperous borough in the country.

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