Staff and volunteers have been praised at the Nonsuch Mansion vaccination centre after helping protect thousands of people.

Nonsuch Mansion was established as a Sutton vaccination centre for Phase 1 of the national vaccination programme in December 2020 for the four months to April 2021.

Since its launch, staff at the vaccination centre have delivered 27,000 Pfizer vaccinations, with a further 41,000 Astra Zeneca vaccinations prepared at the site, to then be sent across the borough.

It has been reported that the oldest person vaccinated at Nonsuch was 98-years-old and the most vaccinations delivered on one day was 507 in January.

Your Local Guardian: Credit: Richard JohnsonCredit: Richard Johnson

Following its success, the site has now closed its doors where vaccinations will continue at St Nicholas Shopping Centre and from Sutton’s GP surgeries.

NHS Sutton has confirmed that there are plans for local pop up clinics later this month.

Dr Dino Pardhanani, local GP and Clinical Chair for NHS Sutton said: “Covid-19 vaccines are safe, simple and effective, providing us with the most effective way of bringing Covid-19 under control.

"We are delighted that over 96,000(1) Sutton residents have had at least one dose of the vaccine and the centre at Nonsuch Mansion has been at the heart of helping us achieve this.

"I would like to thank everyone involved for making our vaccine programme such a success.”

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Dr Michael Pambos, local GP and the Accountable Officer for Sutton’s Covid-19 Vaccination Programme said: “We are very proud to have been responsible for almost 68,000 vaccines for Sutton residents through our vaccine centre in Nonsuch Mansion.

"The commitment of our staff from our local GP Practice teams, NHS Sutton, Sutton’s Community Services and, of course, our Sutton volunteers has been exceptional.

"Their hard work over the past four months will have saved many lives and will make an enormous difference to helping us all get back to a more normal life.”

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Coordinated by the Volunteer Centre Sutton, hundreds of volunteers helped support visitors, reduce waiting times and maintained social distancing.

Anita Maullin, Chief Executive of the Volunteer Centre Sutton said: “We have been delighted to support the vaccination programme at Nonsuch Mansion.

"From the early days of freezing weather, snow and heavy rain through to the beautiful spring day when we finally closed the doors at Nonsuch, the volunteers have done an outstanding job looking after local residents when they visited the centre.

"I am very proud of what we have achieved.”