This Merton doctor has found a creative way to inform youngsters about the coronavirus pandemic. 

Dr Mohan Sekeram, GP Principal of Wideway Medical Practice, has been using TikTok to provide 'life saving' advice to teenagers. 

The doctor has managed to reach thousands of young people - with one of his videos being viewed as much as 45,000 times. 

In his videos, he can be seen taking on the latest TikTok challenges, addressing health issues such as diabetes and speaking on concerns surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine. 

His verified platform offers youngsters the chance to ask questions and receive medical advice from both himself and the characters he plays.

Speaking on the reasons behind why he started the social media account, he said: 

"I was approached by Team Halo [ UN backed organisation] to support vaccine hesitancy," he said.

"The team comprises of a group of scientists and clinicians. They introduced me to TikTok and gave me some tips on how to use it."

Your Local Guardian:

The Merton GP says he wanted to address concerns behind the vaccine so that people could make an informed decision. 

Speaking about what people think of his videos, he said: "They have been received fairly well. 

"I’ve received a mixture of pleasant questions, curious questions and trolls.

"I try to get the life-saving messages across in a fun engaging way. 

"TikTok is a good platform to reach out to a younger audience as the vaccine is being made available gradually to younger people."

He added: "I have heard many concerns raised that need answering and it is now even more vital we make sure that everyone has the correct facts as there can be so much misleading content on social media.

"This is one medium which may appeal to an audience and reach out to a group who may not engage with existing methods.

"Social media can reinforce positive messages and counteract myths and incorrect facts. 

"We want to make sure people know the coronavirus vaccine is safe and effective and remains our best protection against Covid-19."

Dr Sekeram can be found on TikTok at @docmerton and can also be found on Twitter with the username @SekeramMoha.