A woman has been left 'petrified' after suffering from domestic abuse as she waits for emergency accommodation suitable for her autistic child.

The single mum, who has asked to remain anonymous, says she has been granted an injunction against her children's father following an incident at home.

The woman, in her late 20s, who lives on a housing estate in Sutton, was put on child protection after she was assaulted early this year.

She says she was offered a move because of the domestic violence so that she could keep her four children safe, but only received an offer on a property around two months later on March 29.

"The first offer was in a high build. I couldn't accept that due to my daughter's needs, she has no danger awareness, " she said.

"We then got offered a different property, but when we had a look inside, it was ridiculously bad, there had been no work done to it.

Your Local Guardian: Inside the second property offered Inside the second property offered

"Stuff was broken, the electric box was hanging off the wall, it was not deemed safe for children.

"I got a Sutton worker to have a look and they had voided the property as complete, but it was the wrong one.

"The social worker told me I couldn't accept it and since then, I have been passed pillar to post by Encompass and Sutton Housing Partnership."

During this time, she was awarded an extra bedroom, now being allowed a home with four rooms due to her child's special needs requiring more space.

Your Local Guardian: Inside the second property offered Inside the second property offered

However, the mum claims that Sutton Council will not let her move into a house under an emergency move and says she is still unable to bid for a four-bed.

"They are putting down that I am being really picky, but I can't be in a high build because of my daughter's needs," she said.

Speaking about her safety, she added: "I can't do anything on my own because I'm too scared that something will happen.

I'm petrified. My mum and my sister are here on a day to day basis. They can't leave me on my own."

Your Local Guardian: Inside the second property offered Inside the second property offered

The frightened mum said that her ex-partner's family have harassed her and that she received over 200 calls from an unknown number last week.

"I've been left in a corner, she said.

"My whole house is still packed up and I don't know what to do."

Sutton Guardian requested a comment from Sutton Council.

Steve Tucker, Managing Director of Sutton Housing Partnership and Chair of Sutton’s Domestic Abuse Strategic Partnership Board said:

"Sutton Housing Partnership is committed to combating domestic abuse across the borough.

"Every family has the right to live in a safe home without the threat of violence or abuse.

“We have been working closely to support her and her family during this difficult period and will continue to support her as we seek a solution in line with policy that will meet her family’s safety and current housing needs.”