Footage shows a Sutton pensioner being reunited with his mobility scooter after it was allegedly locked behind a gate for six weeks by his housing association.

Adrian Adams, 70, has lived on Roundshaw estate for 25 years and relies on his scooter to get around. 

The 70-year-old was left distressed after he went to get his mobility scooter when he realised the gate was locked. 

"I just want to go to the shops, the park and don’t understand why Metropolitan locked the gate," said Adrian at the time of the incident.

Mr Adams and his carer Gina Fishwick, say they tried to get through to his housing association Metropolitan Thames Valley, but their concerns had fallen on deaf ears. 

Your Local Guardian: Adrian and Gina Adrian and Gina

Carer Gina then contacted Roundshaw Councillor Mo Saqib who was left 'disgusted' with the 6-week long wait.

At the time Councillor Saqib said: “I don’t get why the gate was locked in the first place, or why for so many weeks no one from Metropolitan has come down to unlock it.

"I spent 42 minutes on the phone to Metropolitan, being passed around, and even they couldn’t get through to the right people."

His carer Gina told Sutton Guardian that it was heartbreaking to watch Adrian "having to struggle on crutches" while he waited for a new key. 

Despite everyone's complaints, Metropolitan Housing was unable to provide a time frame on when a key would arrive. 

Your Local Guardian: Adrian, Gina and Councillor SaqibAdrian, Gina and Councillor Saqib

On Tuesday (April 28), a spokesperson from Metropolitan Thames Valley told Sutton Guardian that they were working to resolve the matter "as quickly as possible”.

After requesting a time frame from the housing association, a spokesperson confirmed that the gate was unlocked on Wednesday.

A spokesperson said: "We’d like to sincerely apologise to Mr Adams for the inconvenience and distress this situation has caused.

"We have now changed the lock and provided Mr Adams with a key.”

Commenting on the update, Councillor Saqib said: “I very much welcome that Metropolitan Housing have finally given Adrian a new key.

"That gate was left locked for far too long. I couldn’t be happier that Adrian is finally able to zoom around on his scooter again!”