A NEW TV programme at St Georges Hospital has left viewers in tears after a woman underwent a transfusion in her womb to save her only surviving triplet.

Baby Surgeons: Delivering Miracles, is a three-part documentary series, which focuses on patients in the Fetal Medicine unit at the hospital in Tooting.

The Channel 4 programme shares patients experiences, with the first episode delivering emotional scenes.

On Monday's episode viewers were introduced to Anne-Marie, an expectant mother who had originally fallen pregnant with identical triplets.

Your Local Guardian: Credit: Channel 4 Credit: Channel 4

Viewers learnt that Anne-Marie had sadly lost one of her triplets in the ninth week of her pregnancy.

Heartbreaking scenes then saw her learn that the second triplet had also died in the womb on her 28th week of pregnancy.

The third triplet faced a fight for survival after a surgeon told the mother that she has anemia and required a blood transfusion before birth.

Surgeon Professor Thilaganathan explained to Anne-Marie that he had to direct his efforts to save the third triplet.

"I don’t wish to be harsh, but I have to focus my concerns on her sister,"he told Anne-Marie.

Your Local Guardian: Credit: Channel 4 Credit: Channel 4

The emotional scenes saw the new mother name the triplet who died Emily-Marie and the remaining triplet Poppy Emily-Marie.

So, she "will always have her sister with her", she said.

At 30 weeks, Anne-Marie was filmed beaming with pride as she held her newborn daughter Poppy.

But said that the tragic loss of her second triplet was "quite hard" as the last time she was at the hospital "they were both alive".

Viewers took to Twitter to comment on the emotional scenes:

One person said: "What an amazing program, so amazing what they are able to do, I am in absolute bits watching it tho.

"The most incredible and heartbreaking programme at the same time," another said.

The second episode will air on Channel 4 at 9pm on Monday ( May 3).