Susanna Reid paid an emotional tribute to a south Londoner who tragically died after jumping into the Thames to save a woman who fell from London Bridge on Saturday. 

Folajimi ( Jimi ) Olubunmi-Adewole, a former student at Peckham’s Harris Academy, entered the river shortly after midnight on Friday with another man after they witnessed the woman fall.

While the coastguard and marine units managed to rescue the woman and the other man, the 20-year-old's body was found later that morning.

Speaking about the tragedy, GMB host Susanna Reid led an emotional tribute which saw her pause for a second as she turned to her co-host Adil Ray.

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"We talked yesterday about this incredible young man and it breaks my heart to talk about it frankly, 20-year-old Jimi," Susanna said.

"Jimi, who by all accounts is a total hero, jumped into the water to try and save her and unfortunately Jimi died in that rescue attempt."

She added: "A campaign was launched yesterday, and quite right too, to get him a Gallantry Award. 

"What a total hero, huge courage and we can’t thank you enough Jimi and I just think it’s an utter tragedy."