London Design Museum has opened a fully-stocked supermarket featuring essential goods with packaging designed by a host of top emerging artists.

Indeed, the entire space designated for the 'Supermarket' project was curated by Designer Camille Walala, and is open for everyone to buy their essential goods from coffee and toilet paper to rice and washing up liquid through Sunday (April 25).

Each product presented the artists involved with a blank canvas on which they could produce their own take on the labels, with stunning results.

The supermarket also features a message declaring 'Creativity is Essential' in neon lights, in a context of the continued the economic fallout on the UK arts sector from the coronavirus pandemic.

Your Local Guardian: Images: Ed ReeveImages: Ed Reeve

As Director and Chief Executive of the Design Museum Tim Marlow said:

"Our high streets, museums and galleries have been hit hard by the pandemic; this is an opportunity to get people back to enjoying our cultural institutions safely and creatively.

"This installation is an opportunity to rethink about what we buy, who profits and what we consider to be essential. We can’t wait to welcome visitors back to our museum."

In a statement released with the opening of Supermarket, the museum said all the products were available at "regular" supermarket prices but would likely sell out fast.

"These mini design classics will be available to buy at regular supermarket prices meaning everyone can own their own work of art without breaking the bank, making creativity accessible to all," a spokesperson said.

Your Local Guardian: Images: Ed ReeveImages: Ed Reeve

The emerging artists featured on the products include Amy Worrall, Charlotte Edey, Holly Warburton, Isadora Lima, Jess Warby, Joey Yu, Katherine Plumb, Kentaro Okawara, and Michaela Yearwood-D.

Among the essential items are also uniquely labelled bottles of Bombay Sapphire, who helped bring the project to fruition.

"It’s been a joy to work with Bombay Sapphire and The Design Museum on this project. The past year has been really challenging for artists who haven’t been able to show work or collaborate as normal," Walala said.

"Supermarket is a great way to not only support the Design Museum, but also shine a spotlight on the ten brilliant young artists who through this project have a new platform for their work."

Click here for more information and where to buy the products featured in Supermarket.