A woman has described the shocking moment her Border Collie was "shaken like a rag doll " in a horrific attack at Morden Hall Park.

Tracy Wilson was left "in bits" after her dog Timmy was "savagely attacked" at around 9 am on Wednesday, April 21.

She said that she was walking Timmy in the park when the dog, believed to be an Italian Mastiff, targeted Timmy on Wednesday morning.

Tracy went onto say that the owner of the Italian Mastiff, continued to let it off the leash, even after the incident.

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Speaking to Wimbledon Times, she said: "My dog is lucky to be alive.

"His dog was massive - its jaw locked onto my Border Collie and it was growling and shaking him rigorously like he was a toy.

"There was no remorse. The owner said sorry and just walked off."

She added: "I was in bits; it wasn't until I got him home that I saw the extent of his injuries.

"He was clearly in pain and I had to ring the emergency vet around the corner.

I had to pay £710 so he could be put under general anaesthetic to stitch up the gaping wound.

"He's still in shock at home, he has five other puncture wounds and has to have antibiotics twice a day and the right side of him had to be shaved.

"He is used to exercising but he can only go out now on small walks."

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Tracy went onto say that the owner "knows what his dog is like" but still does not muzzle the dog.

"This is happening too much," she said.

"I want the police to see this as a real crime - a serious crime, this is the owners' fault.

They have to stop all these dangerous dogs.

"If they kill a child or another dog it's murder."

After the attack, Tracy posted the incident on Facebook, which was shared far and wide, with others sharing similar experiences.

"I've been told that this same dog has attacked other dogs in that park as well as Poulters Park and chased a child that was running.

"The dog and the owner walks with a large black poodle and his owner.

"They always walk together in the mornings, later afternoon and possibly evening too."

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She added: "The owner of the brindle-coloured Cane Corso is around 5’5-5’7.

"He is white slim build with short brownish hair and has an accent.

"If you see them, please can you get a photo and send it to me so that I can pass it on to the police.

"Please don't let your dog’s anywhere near the Mastiff."

Met Police were contacted for comment and confirmed that enquiries are ongoing.

To message Tracy visit her Facebook page here.