A series of fitness and wellness classes will resume free of charge for key workers this week.

Frontline Xray Wellness aims to teach positive coping strategies to staff on the frontline in Sutton.

"We host an array of classes including boxing, yoga, fitness and arts," spokesperson Sarah McGuinness said.

"These are part of the positive coping strategies which help deal with some of the symptoms of stress, anxiety and complex PTSD inherent in frontline workers chosen careers.

"We believe sharing these coping strategies can help anyone in their day-to-day lives."

Your Local Guardian:

South London paramedic Mark Curtis and his colleague came up with the idea towards the end of 2019.

He was given the role of wellness lead at St Helier Ambulance station and found that there was a need for practical coping strategies to help staff with their wellbeing.

In January 2020, a number of activities were offered to frontline medics and community centre users at Hill House St Helier.

"Participants found the sessions both fun and relaxing in a safe environment away from work," Sarah added.

"Prior to Covid we were getting up to 30 participants each Friday, so we felt deflated and that we were letting frontline workers down when it was became apparent that wellness was needed most.

"The session briefly resumed in between lockdowns but due to the virulent nature of Covid, and restrictions, we couldn’t support the frontline with activities.

"However, we were able to facilitate vulnerable members of the community, under the new guidelines, who came together to reduce lockdown loneliness with help from Hugo the Therapy dog over tea/chat/art and yoga.

"Again, we had to close when we entered tier 4 just before Christmas."

She added: "X-ray Wellness is run by community thinking trustees and was officially launched on Remembrance Day in recognition of those frontline that have fallen to MH crisis.

Your Local Guardian:

"With lockdown finally coming to an end, activities are resuming this Friday outside in the grounds of Hill House.

"We are now members of Community Action Sutton and have made contact with Sutton Uplift who are supporting the mental health of frontline workers in the crisis."

Free classes for key workers and vulnerable residents will return to Hill House Community Centre on April 23, between 9.30am - 12.30pm.

X-ray Wellness has launched a fundraiser to help fund future classes. To donate visit here

For more information about the classes visit their website here.