Protests demonstrating against the proposed European 'Super League' outside Chelsea Football Club in west London last night (April 20) united fans of various clubs.

Among their number were fans from south London, featuring supporters of the so-called 'Big Sx' clubs who have since pulled out of the heavily-criticised project, and those of other London clubs.

One element however united the otherwise famously tribalistic football fans together: Opposition to the Super League.

Three 17-year-old fans from Croydon were involved in the protests, including Crystal Palace fan Harry Beckham, who described his disdain for the project:

"It is bad. It is greedy. They are not thinking about the fans. They are not thinking about the players," he said, echoing sentiments of so many in the footballing community who have spoken out against the proposals.

"They are just draining the game and treating it like a business," he added.

Harry's schoolfriends George Cooper, Tyreese Oninku and 16-year-old Charlie Wood all joined in the protests outside Stamford Bridge, which turned jubilant on Tuesday night after the news that all six English clubs who had signed up to the project (Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur) were pulling out.

"My team are outside the top six but this is not about rivalry – this is about the future of football. There are supporters from different clubs here because we are all united in thinking this is wrong," West Ham fan Cooper said.

Arsenal fan Oninku added: "I watch football because I love the competitive nature of the game and it should not be up to the big clubs to try and change any of that.

"They are also ruining the dreams of players and even young children who one day hope to play in the World Cup."

The teenagers spray-painted the words 'RIP 1863 Football Fans 2021' on a bedsheet which they held as a banner outside the ground as passing cars hooted their horns in support while members of the public stopped to ask questions and congratulate them on their protest.