Police imposed a Section 60 overnight in Addington after a violent robbery in the area on Thursday evening (April 15).

The Metropolitan Police said they acted in response to the attack, which happened on the Shrublands Estate in Addington.

A teenager reportedly suffered "cuts and bruises" in the attack, which was followed by reports of a group in the area "possibly armed with knives".

Describing what happened in further detail in response to a query from the Croydon Guardian, the police spokesperson said:

"A Section 60 order was authorised at 21:50hrs on 15 April that ran to 0600hrs on Friday, 16 April.

"This followed a call to police at 18:45hrs on Thursday, 15 April to reports of a robbery on the Shrubland Esate.

"A 17-year-old male had been attacked by three males and robbed. He suffered cuts and bruises. His injuries were not life threatening.

"This was followed by a report of a group of males on the Shrubland Estate possibly armed with knives.

"Additional patrols were conducted in the area overnight. There were no further related incidents."

Section 60 Orders derive from the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

They grant police heightened, temporary powers to disperse and search people without suspicion if they believe "with good reason" that violence will take place in the area the order is imposed on.

Dispersal orders in the UK have been criticised by NGOs for their reported negative impact on communities related to a heightened risk of harassment and intimidation at the hands of the police.