A Met Police officer who later resigned has been found guilty of misconduct travelling to and from Wimbledon train station without a ticket.

PC Billy Collier was found to have broken the Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of honesty and integrity and discreditable conduct at a Misconduct Hearing on Tuesday, April 13.

On Wednesday, February 19, 2020, the officer, previously of the South West Command Unit, allegedly boarded a train bund for Wimbledon whilst off duty without a valid train ticket, or attempting to purchase one.

It is further alleged that former PC Collier frequently travelled on the train to and from Wimbledon (in either direction), without a valid train ticket or attempting to make payment.

Allegations of gross misconduct were made, but the PC resigned in March 2021.

At the hearing, The Independent Legally Qualified Chair, Ms Eileen Herlihy and panel members Detective Superintendent Sean Wilson and Independent panel member Mr John Vaughan considered all of the evidence presented by the appropriate authority and all allegations were found proven.

The panel’s decision was that, had he still been a serving officer, PC Collier would have been dismissed without notice.