Shoppers returned to high streets and drinkers downed pints as coronavirus restrictions were lifted in England.

As of Monday, people in England could enjoy a number of freedoms that they have had to go without for months.

For many, retail therapy played a huge part in how people spent their first day of the restriction ease.

Some of the busiest scenes could be found in south London, as people flocked to the shops in the hopes for a bargain.

Below we have listed some of the busiest scenes pictured in shopping centres and high streets across south London.

Croydon High Street

Your Local Guardian:

Croydon High Street was 'rammed' on Monday, with crowds seen along the high street.

Of those people, many rushed to Primark, to hunt for a great deal following months of shop closures.

One person said: "I live in Croydon and walked past my local Primark - the queues were absolutely demented. Insane."

Bromley Bluewater

Shoppers in Bluewater Shopping Centre took to Twitter to speak on their 'excitement' as non-essential retail stores reopened.

Despite many customers stating that the majority of the shops were not busy, some complained about the scenes outside Primark.

Queues were seen spiralling around the level of the shopping centre at around 6am on Monday.

People were pictured in a socially distanced queue which was reported to have led outside the centre and into the car park during the evening.

Sutton High Street

Your Local Guardian:

Customers said how 'lovely' it was to see people back on the high street on Monday as restrictions eased.

In a widely shared post on Facebook, what seemed to be a vast majority of people, agreed with the 'return to normality' on Sutton High Street.

Business Minister Paul Scully wrote on Twitter: "There seems to be a buzz on Sutton High Street with people enjoying a return to shopping & outdoor hospitality."

Primark in Tooting, Wandsworth

Your Local Guardian:

Primark seemed to be a popular hit as shoppers braved the snow in Tooting in the early hours of Monday morning.

The queue was pictured tailing around the corner of the store as customers waited for their turn to browse inside.

One Twitter user said: "The massive Primark in Tooting was rammed at 9 this morning when I went past it. So I went to Wickes instead for a tap adapter for my hosepipe."

Kingston, Surrey

Your Local Guardian:

Kingston mirrored the scenes across south London on Monday as Londoners embraced the freedoms of low coronavirus infection rates.

Large queues were pictured outside some of Kingston's most popular shopping centres and sites, while other people could be seen waiting patiently for their first professional beauty treatment or haircut in months.