Thousands of people tuned into an awards ceremony that honoured the slain Croydon police officer Matt Ratana on Easter Monday (April 5).

The former Croydon PC, who was shot and killed in Croydon last year, was honoured posthumously with the Regal British Award by the World Humanitarian Drive (WHD) who hosted the ceremony.

As part of the United Nations' International Day of Conscience, the Croydon-based NGO founded by Dr Abdul Basit Syed were joined by a number of illustrious guests including Mandla Mandela MP, the grandson of Nelson Mandela, who was also recognized during the proceedings.

Croydon NHS and Croydon Met Police both received 'Grand Saviour' awards from the group for their efforts during coronavirus at the ceremony, which WHD said was viewed by over 6,000 people online.

"In a world bombarded by images, of civil war, conflict, gender-based violence and other forms of social conflict, it has become acceptable to stay silent. Not the silence of consent but the silence of conscience," Madla Mandela MP said on receiving his award.

"Can we destroy our environment, cut our trees and forests, pollute our seas and beaches, and poison our air and skies, and expect our world to carry on a perpetual and sustained life?

"These are the profound questions that anyone with an iota of conscience will feel compelled to ask and find answers to," he added.

The Chief Guest Address at the ceremony was meanwhile given by H.E.Anthony Carmona, the former president of Trinidad and Tobago.

"The world is in need of Conscience driven leadership that encourages peace Harmony, compassion as a part of governance.

"We need leaders who do good to all. Let’s us all follow philosophy over profits.

"Part of the role of International Day of Conscience is to awaken the advocacy that enlighten the ignorant," he said.

View the full ceremony on YouTube here.