Merton has been named the tenth noisiest borough in London, new research has revealed.

UK comparison site, has conducted Freedom of Information requests across the UK to find out the number of noise complaints over the last 12 months, compared with the number of households.

The research also includes a survey of over 2,000 residents across the UK finding out what people really think of their neighbours.

Research found that Merton received over 3,119 noise complaints which averaged to 4 complaints per 100 households made between July 2019 and September 2020.

Your Local Guardian:

However, Merton is not the only borough to be named the noisiest area in south west London- four other boroughs have made the list.

Lambeth ranks in ninth, Hammersmith and Fulham place in fifth, Kensington and Chelsea rank in third place and Westminster comes in first place.

Richmond upon Thames was named one of the quietest boroughs with only 1,693 noise complaints which average to 2 complaints per 100 households.

Surveying the UK public, research found that 64% of Brits have never complained about a neighbour with another 34% admitting they would not issue a complaint to avoid tension with their neighbour.

The study also found that the biggest pet peeve of Brits is their neighbours playing loud music (50%), with loud parties following closely behind (43%).

Jessica Willock, home insurance expert at said: “With many of people continuing to work from home, we have had to get to know our neighbours on a level that we haven’t before.

"If you feel safe and comfortable, the first step is to speak to your neighbour about the noise.

"They may be unaware of their excessive noise and will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

"The next step would be to contact the appropriate authorities so that the correct steps are taken.”

To report a noise nuisance to Merton Council visit here.