A six-year-old is set to take on a 'massive' challenge in line with World Autism Week.

Connor Griffins, of Wallington, will embark on the Super 7 challenge which asks participants to choose a seven themed activity.

Alongside his mother, Erin Griffin, Connor will walk 7k to fundraise for National Autism Society in Sutton.

This will be the six-year-old's third walk for the Sutton charity, but his furthest distance yet.

Your Local Guardian:

His mother Erin says they will continue to fundraise until people understand that autistic people should be treated equally.

Since the start of lockdown, Connor who has non-verbal autism, has also fundraised for a number of other charities including Sutton Night Watch.

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Speaking to Sutton Guardian, she said: "We are using this opportunity to raise awareness, to educate others and help autistic people to be treated fairly and equally.

"Sadly myself and Connor are regularly given harsh looks and have comments made about his behaviour.

"We try to do as much charity work as possible to support the National autistic society and we will continue to do so until everyone understands.

Your Local Guardian: Connor delivering food to those in need Connor delivering food to those in need

"It just makes me sad for Connor as he is aware of what’s going on around him and can see people are judging or making fun of him because he is different.

"Just because Connor isn’t able to verbally communicate he is still able to hear and see, sometimes it can be overwhelming."

She added: "All the money we raise will be going directly to the Sutton branch of the national autistic society to help them support our local autistic children and their families.

"We will have two charity buckets in Iceland in Wallington as well as the Just Giving page. "

£225 has been raised at the time of publishing.

If you would like to donate visit here.