Footage has emerged of the moment road police caught a man found filming a nearby car while leaning dangerously out of the open window of their vehicle.

The video was posted by Surrey Road Policing Unit (RPU) after it was taken on Tuesday (March 23).

According to the details visible on the camera, it was taken on the A3 motorway south west of London in Surrey.

Posting a statement alongside the footage to Twitter, a spokesperson for Surrey RPU wrote:

"You’d be AMAZED what we find...whilst responding to another incident, one of our marked units came across this…

"Yes, the passenger is unrestrained, leaning fully out the window, at 70mph…so he could 'get a nice picture of my mates car.'

"Vehicle stopped, driver and passenger have been reported for the relevant offences.

"Please use SOME common sense - as a driver, you’re ultimately responsible for the safety and well-being of your passengers and those around you."

As the Surrey Comet reported previously, two motorways in Surrey were among the most dangerous in the country regarding reported speeding fines.

The M3 in Surrey recorded 13,331 offences between 2019-2020, with a total of £1,333,100 in fines handed out by police.