Residents have been left "anxious" after being faced with long walks home as they struggle to find a parking space, following new restrictions in Sutton.

Neighbours living in Alberta Avenue say their concerns surrounding changes to parking have been ignored by the Council.

Sutton Council said they introduced double yellow lines to improve traffic flow and road safety following complaints.

But residents say that the new measures "simply displaces" the issue into surrounding roads and those most vulnerable have been left with nowhere to park.

Residents went onto say that they are now facing the "harsh reality" of having to park on the other side of the A217 and have a ten-minute walk back to their front door.

Resident Ashley Secker commented: "We all contested this very strongly when this was proposed but it was clearly ignored by the council.

“With the loss of residential parking overnight, many of us will now need to compete for parking spaces on other residential roads.

"This also increases the walk home by 10-15 minutes and this is concerning to families with young children or the more vulnerable.

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"There are now just 23 parking spaces for 40 properties, and some (including my heavily pregnant partner) are now having to face long walks.

"It is unreasonable that residents are being forced to park far from their homes when there were little to no issues before and no prior warning of the parking enforcement coming into place.”

Your Local Guardian contacted Sutton Council for comment, in response the council confirmed that they will schedule a review for this year Summer.

A council spokesperson said: "The parking changes have been implemented to improve traffic flow and road safety at the location.

"The changes were part of three separate consultations carried out between 2018 and 2019 and were developed as a result of feedback from residents about cars parked opposite each other on Alberta Avenue restricting traffic flow.

"Additional complaints were received that parked vehicles were causing tailbacks on to St Dunstan's Hill.

"As with the introduction with any new scheme, we carry out reviews to understand if there are any issues being caused by the changes.

"Due to Covid-19 and the ongoing lockdown, we have been unable to complete our review as quickly as we would have liked.

"We have received recent feedback from residents about the impact of the changes and a review at this location is scheduled for this summer."