Flats smaller than a tube carriage are now on sale near East Croydon Station.

All of the 112 one-bedroom flats in Pocket Living’s new Addiscombe Grove development are just 38 square metres big.

This is just under the 42 square metres of a carriage on a 2009 stock Victoria line train.

Flats in the 21-storey building have an open plan kitchen and living area to make the most of the space.

All new residents will have access to shared spaces in the building including gardens on the ninth and 21st floor.

The flats cost between £260k – £296k and are being sold by developer Pocket Living.

To qualify, buyers need to earn less than £90,000 a year and the flats can’t be rented out.

A spokesperson said: “Pocket Living is a disruptor in the housebuilding sector which builds and sells affordable one bed grant-free homes for first time buyers at 20 per cent below market value.

“They are for people on moderate incomes who cannot afford to buy a market priced home but earn too much for social housing.”

The flats were built using modular construction where pieces are built off site and lifted into place.

All the flats are initially sold with a 125 year lease and new residents will have to pay a service charge of between around £115 a year as well as ground rent of 0.1 per cent of the purchase price.

All being well, the first residents are expected to move in this spring with full landscaping completed this summer.