Battersea MP Marsha de Cordova has told broadcasters they need to “do better” after being confused on TV for another black, female MP – again.

On Monday (March 1) Ms de Cordova spoke out to address racial inequalities in the pandemic during the BBC's Urgent Questions.

She asked the Minister to address structural differences in housing, health and vaccine uptake for Black and Asian people.

But the caption underneath read “Kemi Badenoch, Equalities Minister” – who is the MP for Saffron Walden.

Marsha de Cordova speaking to Parliament

Marsha de Cordova speaking to Parliament

In another mistake, Kemi Badenoch's caption read "Marsha de Cordova, Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary."

Ms de Cordova took to Twitter to vent her frustration at the mix-up.

She said: “The irony that this question saw the Minister deny that structural racism exists.

“While we're confused for each other because there are so few Black women in Parliament...

“This is the second time this has happened to me, broadcasters need to do better.

A statement from the BBC “sincerely apologised” for the error - blaming it on a time lag.

It said: “There was a time lag of a couple of seconds between the picture/speaker changing and the caption changing.”

The broadcaster also apologised to Kemi Badenoch for the miscaptioning mistake.

“Earlier today on BBC Parliament we mis-captioned Kemi Badenoch as Marsha de Cordova during an Urgent Question. The captioner had been following the list of names on the Order Paper but took too long to realise they were out of sequence and correct their mistake.

“We sincerely apologise for this error and have apologised directly to both MPs involved. The corrected version will appear later this evening and on iPlayer.”

This is not the first time the Battersea MP’s identity has been confused.

In February 2020, Ms de Cordova told The Wandsworth Times she felt like she "was being deliberately trolled" after she was mistaken for other black politicians three times in a row.

She was first confused when speaking in Parliament in a BBC caption which read “Dawn Butler, Labour Co-operative, Brent Central."

Then, to make matters worse, the Evening Standard ran a story on the mishap with a picture of Bell Ribeiro-Add - a black MP for Streatham.

The paper apologised “unreservedly”, blaming stock image provider Getty Images for miscaptioning the photo.

At the time, Ms de Cordova responded that newsrooms and TV studios are still stubbornly lacking in diversity and that this sort of mistake is "just the visible symptom of that homogeneity."

"This is even more than issue of diversity though, I’m certain a black picture editor working on at the BBC would have no difficulty in telling two white female politicians apart so the constant mistake suggest a basic lack of concern," she added.

"We have more women of colour in Parliament than ever before and this is something to celebrate. This is sadly undermined though if media can’t be bothered to tell us apart.”