A spoken word artist from Croydon has been crowned won of three winners in Samsung Electronic's 'Spotlight' competition.

Adeola Yemitan, who works with the National Youth Theatre, was commended for her stunning short film 'Mystery' in which she danced and recited a spoken word piece of her own creation.

It examined the trials and weirdness of living through the coronavirus pandemic, and of the possibility of finding joy despite it all.

"I had been thinking a lot about the beauty in the things that we perceive to be mundane, and how, when everything was open, we didn’t feel the need to stop and take notice as we could rely on everything bright and busy to keep us entertained," Adeola said of her winning entry.

"But the state of the world as it is requires us to slow down and be present, to discover new joy in what we once thought to be inconsequential, if we hope to not just survive this pandemic, but in our own unique ways, thrive," she added.

Samsung hosted the competition with all entries shot on a Samsung smartphone in '8K' high definition, and the electronics multinational said they would now offer platforms for the three winners to showcase their talent further.

"New talent craves the learning experience of an audience; we need exposure, we want to make new friends and collaborate, and that process is very difficult when you aren’t allowed to stray too far from home," Adeola added.

"Initiatives like Samsung Spotlight encourage that reach, it helps you to be seen and it’s also a great motivator for creating new work."

The other winners included Adrian Mujkanovic, a student from The Lir Academy, Dublin and Michael Lynch from Southend-On-Sea.