Pictures show how people made the most of the milder weather over the weekend with high numbers pictured at Beddington Park.  

It comes as temperatures reached 11 degrees which saw families venture out to get their daily exercise on Sunday afternoon.

The playground by the Pavilion Cafe was 'packed' with families, despite strict social distancing rules.

The basketball court showed similar scenes with people pictured gathering inside and next to the court at around 4.30 pm.

Your Local Guardian:

Some residents took to social media and said the park was “crazy busy yesterday with masses of people in large groups.”

One person said: “It’s just crazy busy lately, horrible. Plus we’ve started ‘using the bushes as toilet’ season it seems…I saw two separate groups doing that yesterday afternoon.”

Another onlooker commented that the park was the "busiest" they have seen.

Car parks were also reported to be full at both ends of the park.

A spokesperson from Sutton Council said: “The Government's current guidelines state that outdoor sports equipment and courts must be put out of use to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

"The Council has wrapped apparatus, put fences in place and posted notices to discourage the use of courts and equipment across the borough. 

"In line with the guidance and with other councils across the country, children’s playgrounds have remained open in Sutton.

"Notices on how to minimise the risk of catching COVID-19 and posters on a recommended number of users have been put up on playground gates.

"In addition to this, the Council’s Stay Safe Champions have been visiting the parks to talk to people about the risks and remind them to socially distance.

"We encourage everyone using the playgrounds and our parks to follow the current Government guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”