Wimbledon Village Farmers' Market is set to reopen after traders were forced to close last week.

It comes after the market's license was called into question which resulted in a closure on Valentines Day.

The closure caused upset across the village with thousands signing a petition to fight for it to reopen.

Conservative Councillor Thomas Barlow, of Village Ward, launched the petition to highlight residents concerns.

“The level of support for the market over the past week has been staggering.

"Without this it is unlikely we would have seen such a quick resolution.

Wimbledon Village Market


"It’s clear that for many the market has been a rare positive from a difficult year.

"As the high street now looks to recover and grow, it’s great that the market can continue to bring interest and enthusiasm to the village.”

It has been confirmed that the petition reached 2,148 at the time of publishing.

A Merton Council spokesperson said: “Last week, the Wimbledon Village Farmers’ Market licence was called into question by a resident who raised a challenge to the licence, against a groundswell of local support for the farmers market.

Your Local Guardian:

"Unfortunately, this meant the market had to be cancelled on 14 February as the operator simply didn’t have enough time to make alternative licensing arrangements.

“Merton Council has worked closely with the Wimbledon Village businesses and market operator to provide a fantastic outdoor farmers market for Wimbledon, which we recognised could offer a more COVID-secure shopping offer during the pandemic.

"The market has proved to be a much-loved addition to Wimbledon Village and has attracted greater footfall at a time when local businesses need as much support as possible.

Your Local Guardian:

“After much discussion between our licencing team and the traders, we have now agreed a licensing model which will allow the market to go ahead."

"Therefore, the Wimbledon Farmer’s Market will be permitted to run again from 21 February 2021.”

Simon Greig, who runs the market commented: "It's regretful this action was taken against the Council and we hope the whole community will get behind the market."

For more information on Wimbledon Village Farmers' Market visit here.