A Morden volunteer group have been making scrub hats and bags for the NHS to show their support in Covid-19.

Syebvonne Nguyen, of Little A.R.K, is a person with many talents, most famously known for her ever-growing face mask trees.

After she distributed and offered masks to residents and schools across Merton and beyond, she launched the group to bring the community together.

Little A.R.K is a group of volunteers who aim to connect people through random acts of kindness and crafts.

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Their latest scheme, which launched in the middle of January, has provided over one thousand scrubs and hats to frontline workers.

“Sometimes, I’m asked why we are doing what we are doing, given the staff can easily buy their own scrub hats," commented Syebvonne.

"It’s a morale booster as well as supplying what is in short supply.

"We want to show our support and love for the really tired and exhausted hard workers out there, doing their jobs in an unprecedented situation.

Your Local Guardian:

"When our volunteers sew the scrub hats, or the scrub bags, we think of these committed heroes.

"We are soldiering on as they are still soldiering on in their work places.

"We will continue to give what we can, together with this lovely crafting community who have all come together to make it work."

Little A.R.K has now joined forces with the Sound Lounge in Morden, to use leftover fabrics to create a beautiful art installation.

Your Local Guardian:

"This art installation is part of a collaboration, aiming to shine a light on the Morden space and showcase the partnerships that The Sound Lounge has with local community projects," said Syebvonne.

"Created by local people using fabric scraps saved by volunteers from the production of scrubs hats and laundry bags for the NHS - in turn also to tackle waste.

"The beauty of this is: it’s organic, and it evolves as more are added.

"It speaks of the story of how a community is coming together."

Your Local Guardian:

'The Fabric of Our Community’ art installation is open for everyone to get involved - you can drop your crafted fabric creation at The Sound Lounge in Morden.

The Sound Lounge is now open with their fabric drop-off point and takeaway on the following days:

Fri 5pm-9pm

Sat Noon-9pm

Visit Little A.R.K on Facebook for more information here.