A Teddington Athletic FC parent has helped to create a new documentary aimed at tackling discrimination in football.

The one-hour documentary, titled Outraged - Football Tackles Discrimination, was produced for the European football governing body, UEFA.

TAFC dad Simon Bisset (U18 Sharks) said the documentary had been produced amid an "alarming" rise in racist and homophobic incidents being reported at stadiums.

"We started making this documentary in the summer of 2019, at a point when racist and homophobic incidents within stadiums were growing at an alarming rate," explained Simon.

"In recent times incidents away from the pitch have come to prominence, but discrimination in all its forms is still ever-present in the sport. It's a subject I feel strongly about and was delighted to get the chance to make a film about it."

The hard-hitting film features exclusive interviews with an A-list of the game’s stars including Paul Pogba, Megan Rapinoe, Jose Mourinho, Ruud Gullit, Pernille Harder and Dejan Lovren.

The film's interviewees talk openly and passionately about the challenges facing football right now.

"On a positive note it does feel like the current generation of players are willing to push for change," Simon added.

"It was an honour to meet some of those who really are trying to make a difference, and football as a global sport is in a strong position to help lead by example."

You can view the trailer for the film here.