New measures to reduce the number of rough sleepers in Richmond after lockdown have been set out by the Council.

The plans include building more affordable homes and improving support systems for those in vulnerable situations.

The ‘Rough Sleeper Recovery Plan’ was agreed at the Adult Social Services, Health and Housing Committee on Thursday (Feb 16) to prevent people returning to the streets when lockdown eases.

According to the Council, existing measures in the borough have helped 80 people off the streets a year.

The new measures will build on a £500k pilot scheme to provide support for rough sleepers with underlying issues such as substance abuse.

Alongside local housing providers, private developers and the GLA (Greater London Authority), the Council aims to support the building of 1,000 new homes over the next 10 years.

Cllr Jaeger, said:

"There are many challenges when it comes to delivering affordable housing in Richmond upon Thames. This includes high land prices and protected open space.

“At the heart of our new strategy we commit to using Council-owned sites, where we can, to increase the supply of affordable homes, and work with local housing associations and developers to encourage them to make their own land available.

“The next twelve months will see a number of projects further progressed – including the affordable housing planned for the Elleray Hall site, the new housing on Twickenham Riverside, and the RHP proposals for Ham Close.”