An ex-mayor of Sutton is offering to provide funding for community groups who support young people in sport.

Former Conservative mayor of Sutton Edward Trevor MBE– who served on Sutton Council for 40 years from 1966 to 2006 - says he has money left after his mayoralty.

Mr Trevor, who moved to Jersey in 2004, has £10,000 available to give to Sport for Young People in Sutton for 2021. 

"The money I could have received went into a charity, The Trevor Fund," he said.

"This charity was set up to assist Sport for Young People in the London Borough of Sutton and the Diamond Riding Centre for the Disabled.

"In 2021, I have about £10,000 available to give to Sport for Young People, I will give the rest to the Diamond Riding Centre."

He added: "The money was partly from the remains of the Mayor's Charity and mainly from the money I could have had as a Councillor.

"I have always believed that Councillors should be unpaid.

"When I was first elected in 1966 there was neither pay nor expenses other than the latter for the Mayor of the day."



Speaking about the importance of young people in sport, he said: "Although unable to take part in sport since the age of 12 due to an accident at school, I believe sport is good for children as it teaches them how to win or lose and that effort is worthwhile.

"It also keeps them safe by doing something.

"In the past, I have helped Scouts, Brownies, Sea Cadets, Schools and sports clubs for youth where the majority of members are Sutton residents."

He added: "The conditions are that it must be for a project for which most of the money has already been raised, and my contribution should not exceed 25% of the total cost.

"I need to receive a full description of the project together with accounts for the last 3-years and a note of what effort has been made to raise the remainder of the money."

The application process closes on June 1.

To apply, you can contact Mr Trevor via email at or his home address, which is as follows:

9. Cobblestones,

La Retraite,

Queen's Road,

St Helier, JE2 3WU