Lidl in Hackbridge opened last week, and for some customers, it was everything they expected and more.

Shoppers were unable to resist the bargain shower heads, bird feeders and goodies to eat as they attended the opening on Thursday ( February 11).

The new store didn't disappoint, with some customers comparing it to going on holiday and being at Disneyland.

Whilst some have already been back for seconds and thirds, others "can't wait for lockdown to end" so they can visit the store.

Admin of Hackbridge and Surrounding areas, Linzii Claire, started a hilarious thread on Facebook with shoppers sharing their delight about the new branch.

Below we have listed our top 10 comments from Lidl Hackbridge customers, starting with admin Linzii.



1. "I did it. I went to Lidl. I came home like I’d just been to Disneyland. Managed not to buy any unnecessary stuff, got a bird feeder and lots of goodies to eat. Some good offers on and a really good choice.

"Staff were really nice, opened a till for me because there was a slight queue and was chatting away. The girl had come from another store and couldn’t believe how nice this one was. I will definitely be a regular in there, it’s very handy and really cheap. The nicest Lidl I’ve been in by far."

2. "Popped into see what it was like very impressive came out with a rocking horse and cordless hoover."

3. "I bought a shower head I don’t need one but it was a bargain and always good to have a back up plus a lot of goodies."

4. "Any other year we would be talking about our holidays for the year this year we can’t contain our excitement of a LIDL opening."

5. "I can't wait. I'm in isolation til next Friday so I'm gagging for a look. I tend to use Mitcham as the parking in Wallington is obviously dire and getting out of the car park in Rosehill I feel like I'm taking my life in my hands. Hopefully the 'big shop' will be a thing of the past now."

6. "My first day out it was like being a child being taken out for day. I must say I was red impressed with the new Lidl!!! It was lovely wide aisles not to many people in the store at one time, a till was opened up for me and the staff were really pleasant and helpful as I lost something in there but fortunately found it. Love this store."

7. "We went today it looked like supermarket sweep shop perfectly filled shelves etc."

8. "It was like going on holiday! Loved it!"

9. "I'm like already looking forward to going again tomorrow mask on of course."

10. "I think we are all going to have the best fed birds."