These volunteers have been helping elderly people grow their produce throughout lockdown...

Staff at Gander Green Allotment shop have adapted their services to stay open for their association members during the pandemic. 

The volunteers launched a booking service allowing them to arrange appointment slots for customers and to make payments via bank transfer.

The allotment shop sells a variety of products such as composts, fertilisers, seeds and more, and has recently offered local deliveries for when stock is low.

Your Local Guardian:

Staff say the shop serves as a multi-purpose spot by offering a space for residents to develop their own plot- while providing 'wellbeing benefits' in a time of isolation. 

"During lockdown, a few of our tenants have had to shield due to age or underlying illness," said shop worker Louise Hunt.

"Most have been able to continue to look after their plots and grow what they normally grow each year. 

"The benefits of growing your own produce are numerous. 

"The beauty of an allotment is that you can be alone working on your piece of land, so for some of us, the benefits are invaluable. 

"It helps to keep up with exercise and is great for mental health too.

"Without the shop, some of our elderly tenants would struggle, but they know they only have to ask and one of us is always there to help.

"We can now open as long as we keep socially distant and everyone wears masks.

"The shop will be open to the public again from February 7."

To keep up to date with opening changes visit their Facebook page here