A feline intruder got more than a saucer of milk when it visited an artist’s home in Hampton Wick.

When professional artist Raph Thomas heard a loud scratching coming from his bathroom in his ground floor flat near Bushy Park, he feared a rodent may have broken in.

But after taking a closer look he found a grey pedigree cat lounging in his bath.

“We have a cat flap but no cat. I really love cats but am allergic to them, so I tend to admire from afar,” he said.

But Raph was so taken by the beauty and friendly nature of the “beautiful short haired moggie” that he decided to immortalise the visit.

“I couldn’t resist photographing this cheeky visitor. He or she was a real stunner!” the artist added.

Raph got to work on an eye-catching painting of the mysterious model.

The professional artist specialises in rainbow patterned wildlife on multi-layered and mixed media backgrounds.


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Having used the good weather in the first lockdown to work outside on big canvases, he had some prepared.

The results were a colourful artwork that sold to a regular client, an art-loving cat owner, “practically before the paint had dried”.

His muse still has no idea.

“I put her back in our front garden, and she obviously found her way home. I have seen her several times since sitting on walls. It would be great to meet her owners as they may like a print in lieu of modelling fees!” Raph said.

Limited edition prints are still available on www.raphthomasart.co.uk and owners who want their pet painted can contact raphthomasart@gmail.com