Carshalton and Wallington MP Elliot Colburn has slammed the council over it's repeated service blackouts at New Mill Quarter in Hackbridge. 

Residents of New Mill Quarter say they have been plagued with service issues since the first round of apartments became occupied.

It is believed that in the last 12 months, council-owned energy company SDEN, has suffered over thirteen network fails, which leaves residents with electrical blackouts, and without water and heating.

Elliot Colburn says the council snubbed an invitation to meet him and Hackbridge residents to discuss concerns on the estate, following multiple incidences involving the London Fire Brigade.

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Your Local Guardian:

The Wallington and Carshalton MP said that instead, the council organised a separate meeting, chaired by their own representative, without inviting him. 

He said: "It’s absolutely unacceptable for Sutton Council and SDEN to deny residents the opportunity for their elected Member of Parliament to support them in a public meeting.

“It’s a real slap in the face to local residents who I had already contacted to organise a public meeting on their behalf.

“The failures in New Mill Quarter have left residents shivering and out of pocket, as well as concerned for their own safety following the two fire brigade callouts.

“Enough is enough. SDEN and Sutton Council need to answer for their failings and should not hide from scrutiny.”

Your Local Guardian:

Responding to a request for comment from Sutton Guardian, a spokesperson for Sutton Council said: "The Council recognises the seriousness of the situation at New Mill Quarter and the inconvenience and distress residents have suffered recently.

"As a council-owned company, SDEN wrote to all its customers last week to apologise.

"The Council and SDEN also met with the site developer, Barratt London, to stress that the current situation is unacceptable.

"Barratt, SDEN and the Council have organised a meeting for SDEN customers this Tuesday (2 February) to hear residents' concerns and questions, and agree a way forward.

"The local councillors and Member of Parliament have also been invited to the meeting."