A strike took place last week at the Wimbledon delivery office after claims a member of management refused to self-isolate despite being advised to by the NHS. 

The strike comes after reports of around ten coronavirus cases at the SW19 office was brought to the Wimbledon Times attention last month.

It has since been reported that a member of management continued to work despite reportedly being told to self-isolate by the NHS test and trace app last week.

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On Tuesday, January 26, police confirmed they were alerted to an 'alleged breach of Covid regulations' at the office on Cranbrook Road, SW19.

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Officers said they made enquiries but were satisfied that no offences had occurred. 

However, employees at the office say that the manager had lied to the police and said that the accused staff member had manipulated the app to demonstrate 'how easy it is to gain time off work'.  

On January 27, around 100 members of staff held a strike action in the canteen and refused to leave until appropriate action was taken against the member of management.

It is believed that the action took place between the hours of 8am to 2pm, before Royal Mail took the steps to resolve the issue. 

One employee, who provided company ID to verify they work at the delivery office, told Wimbledon Times: "This is just one example where management have deliberately ignored and manipulated government health and safety guidelines just to save absences. 

"The SW19 workforce have never felt so unsafe and demoralised since the new management took over.

 "When questioned by the public and our customers about the situation at the office, we have always felt obliged to paint a pretty picture of the conditions we work under, but that's not the case anymore. 

"Why should we lie about the abusive and stressful treatment that we are bombarded with daily? The public's response is very supportive which we are grateful for."

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The Communication Working Union said the strike action wasn't organised by them but recognised the ongoing contribution postal staff have made during the pandemic. 

A CWU spokesperson said: “In the past year, our members have gone above and beyond the line of duty in keeping the country connected during a historic crisis.

“Our members won’t accept anything less than the highest standards of safety in the workplace.”

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Responding to a request for comment from Wimbledon Times, a spokesperson for Royal Mail said there was "a minor disruption" to service at the Wimbledon Delivery office last week. 

"Working with our people, we have resolved any areas of confusion and concern. All colleagues have returned to work.

"Right from the start of this crisis, the health and safety of our people has been our number one priority.

 "While use of the NHS Covid-19 App is voluntary, Royal Mail strongly supports and regularly promotes its use to all our postmen and postwomen alongside our other preventive measures. 

"We understand the important role this App plays in preventing the spread of the virus and we ask all our colleagues to follow any guidance on self-isolation from the NHS Test & Trace service. 

"Our managers are briefed to remind colleagues of the rules and controls while ensuring compliance.”