Metadescription: “With its expert handling of the coronavirus, Vietnam is set to be a prime destination for post-covid travel. Its digital visa system is an added boom”.

While the current lockdowns are preventing us from going to work and visiting friends, let alone cross the border, there is no harm in turning our gaze to the future. Any talks about potential holidays will inevitably revolve around the coronavirus. Thus, it is no surprise that arguably the biggest criteria to decide where to go on a holiday when travel picks up again will be how that particular country has managed their own outbreak. After all, who wants to spend their holiday sick in bed and be forced into a mandatory quarantine when they return home? Vietnam is speculated to be one of the most popular destinations post-covid for this very reason.

Quick and decisive actions
Back when most other countries in the world were still investigating the emergence of this new and strange virus from China, Vietnam had already taken quick and decisive measures to safeguard its own population. The borders were closed early 2020, and domestically the government was quick to impose a lockdown, shutting down schools, restaurants and clubs. People were ordered to work from home as much as possible. If these things sound familiar, it is of course because we have experienced the same in the UK. The difference being it took us quite a bit longer to push these measures through.

The result of all this is that Vietnam is clearly one of the countries that has managed the outbreak of covid-19 the best. It is mentioned in the same breath as New Zealand, who were also quick to take far-reaching measures to curb the spread of the virus. To date, Vietnam has only had 35 casualties as a result of the virus, and the number of infections has been steadily decreasing in recent weeks. As a result, Vietnam’s economy is picking up again faster compared to other countries.

Borders remain closed for now
However, Vietnam continues to keep its borders closed, and for good reason. Countries around the world have reported resurgences of the virus, just when they thought they had it under control. Indeed, this has even proven the case here in the UK. As such, Vietnam refuses to open its borders to foreign tourists unless it can guarantee that the virus is fully under control. This is fairly unique, as popular tourist destinations like Egypt have opened up despite having far greater virus numbers. Vietnam has this option available to them, which would greatly boost their ailing economy. But the government has sent a clear message to the world - public health comes first.

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Future benefits
Travel agents predict that Vietnam will be among the first to benefit from the post-covid travel boom. Vietnam’s handling of the virus has garnered them international praise and the country now has a reputation as safe and dependable with regards to health. This criteria in particular, rather than domestic tourist attractions or hospitality, will prove decisive for tourists deciding which country they will visit once the coronavirus is no longer an issue. With the vaccine making the round globally, Vietnam’s already low numbers are expected to drop even further, and elimination of the virus is closer for Vietnam than perhaps any other country in the world.

Easy access visa system
Once travel picks up again, few people want to deal with the hassle of going to the embassy and going through the cumbersome visa application process. In this instance, Vietnam once again stands out. It has a modern digital visa system, allowing for a Vietnam visa to be applied for online quickly and easily.

What is more, British travellers can stay in Vietnam without a visa for up to 15 days. Since most holidays tend to last longer than that, however, it is generally necessary to apply for a visa online.